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Grand Opening - June 22nd, 2019

Thanks to everyone who was able to drop in!
It was a beauty day with great music from Eclectic Revival and Mike and the Hookermen, delicious food from My Secret Kitchen and Meaty Meats and plenty of beer from yours truly!

Our journey has just begun. Come aboard, we're expecting you! The Love Boat... Oh wait, that's not this boat.

Anyway, we were so excited to see so many happy people join us for this celebration.


What do you like about sharing a beer with friends? Sharing stories, catching up, playing a game, dancing, enjoying a local musician, tasting something new or different.
History and Community
Respect for their hard work and how they helped out in their community, we strive to be like the Stonehookers of old.
Quality Ingredients
Only the best for you and your taste buds. High quality and fresh ingredients from around the globe including our home and native land.
Our process
You can't rush it sometimes. The beer will tell you when it is ready, not the other way around. Quality takes a little longer.