New Beers On Deck!

What's new!

The taps and cans are ever-changing. The beer page on the website is always kept up to date.

New beer to the line-up - Wrought Iron Stout

This rich, dark stout comes in at 6.6% abv and has notes of smoke, molasses, coffee, cocoa and dark toast. A great winter warmer that is worthy of sipping around a fire.

Coming Soon: Chocolate Milk Stout - Mmmmmm. Rich and creamy, a beautiful dessert beer that will go well with anything chocolate or a boldly flavoured cheese.

Mad Capreol and Mae West are back on tap after a short shore leave!

Broad Reach is now in your local LCBO store. If it's not there, ask for them to carry it. It works! You can also find Broad Reach at select Beer Stores in Mississauga, Etobicoke and Oakville.


What do you like about sharing a beer with friends? Sharing stories, catching up, playing a game, dancing, enjoying a local musician, tasting something new or different.
History and Community
Respect for their hard work and how they helped out in their community, we strive to be like the Stonehookers of old.
Quality Ingredients
Only the best for you and your taste buds. High quality and fresh ingredients from around the globe including our home and native land.
Our process
You can't rush it sometimes. The beer will tell you when it is ready, not the other way around. Quality takes a little longer.